Outdoorsman Group

We love the outdoors and want to share the creation of God together. Join us for this great life group as we have guest speakers and events throughout the year. Men, Women, and children alike will enjoy these meetings.

2015 Outdoors Group Schedule:

Turkey Hunting
*April 4th (Saturday) at 5:00 in the Old Sanctuary. Todd Perkins will being leading the group.

**April 11th is opening day and we'll be having a turkey weigh in. Details will be posted soon**

*May 16th group meeting at 5. Will announce details at later date.

*June 6th is the fishing tournament. The details of the tournament will be announced at a later date. JoJo Clemins will lead the group at this meeting.

*July 18th group meeting at 5. We're planning to have some outdoor survival at this meeting. Should be interesting!

*August 15th meeting at 5. Blake Lockhart will be leading the group about Mountain Herbs. Information on digging ginseng and other herbs.
**This will be the meeting before the "Biggest Squirrel" weigh in.
***still working on setting a date for the squirrel hunt***

*September: Matt Moore will lead the group and we'll be setting up for the archery tournament. Will announce date and info later.