What To Expect
What to Expect

We fully understand that if you haven't been to church before, it can be rather scary going for the first time, especially on your own!

In order to help you know what to expect, we thought that we would give you an overview of our worship experience.  If you are still nervous after reading this, why not e-mail us (we can arrange for someone to come with you for your first visit) or contact our church office at 276-531-8625.

To begin with, you need to how to find our church. Visit our directions page to view directions and maps to our church. Once you arrive please feel free to park the visitor parking spots available on the upper end of the church. They are marked and painted visitor, however, you are free to park in any of our parking lots including across the creek and you will see signs that lead you to the main entrance.

When you come into the building, someone will greet you and offer to help you find children's ministries if needed I or give you a copy of our weekly bulletin if you have come for our worship service.

At Harman Memorial, we have several things happening on Sunday mornings and in attending all of them we encourage you to dress comfortably. Many members wear Jeans and Polo Style shirts or t-shirts. Ladies often wear dresses or pants.

We have 2 Adult classes on Sunday mornings a men's and a women's class they begin at 9:30 and we have classes for all ages from 0- adult and there will be signs clearly marked on the Sunday school rooms with ages for kids and adult classes.

We have two Morning worship services the begin at 9:15 and 11:00 where we have a time of worship, prayer time, a message from the pastor and then a time of invitation. We have childcare during our services for ages up to 3rd grade. If you would like for your child to attend our children worship just go before service to the children's wing and they will check them into a secure children's area or your child can remain with you. After each service, our  Pastor greets at the back door of the sanctuary so be sure to stop by if you have visited and meet him.


Congregational Singing

This is the time that we offer praise and worship to God. Some of the songs will be sung by the congregation and some will be sung by individuals, small groups or our church choir. Instrumental accompaniment is normally provided by live instruments (piano, keyboard, guitars, etc.) or by prerecorded audio. The words for the songs we sing are provided on large screens at the front of the church. We usually stand as we sing. If you are not sure what to do, just follow everyone else or, if you prefer, you can just remain seated throughout the service. You are under no obligation to join in any of the singing or even to like the music. We know we don't all have the same musical tastes and we don't expect you to either.


You are not expected to contribute to the work of the church (that's our responsibility), so don't feel embarrassed to pass the collection basket on without putting anything in it. Many church members contribute on alternate weeks, so you won't be the only one just passing the plate on.


Prayer Time    

This is a time that many come to the altar and pray about needs or blessings in their lives. If you would like you are welcome to join us. If you prefer not to there are many members who remain at their chairs.



Each week a sermon is preached by our Pastor. This message is a time of teaching our congregation how a specific passage from the Bible applies to our lives.



Our worship service closes with an invitation. This is a time where people in the congregation may want to discuss personal issues or decisions with the pastor. We usually sing a congregational song or have instrumental music during this time. If you would like to talk to the pastor during this time, you are welcome to do so. He will also be available after the service if you have any questions.

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