Kidz Outdoor Zone Boy's Ministry

We want to be ground zero, the front lines, on the battle to save the lives of our kids today. There is no stronger place found where the heart of Christ, a base for strong mentors and a community for good can be found. The men in our churches are hungry for a place to create legacy, meaning, to give back. It may not be in a classroom but by a campfire, a creek bank or mountain top.

The heart of a child needs to be cultivated. For the wounded child, the fatherless, abandoned, there is a basic instinct of trust that must be earned. Even kids from intact families struggle to understand their place. KOZ gives the mentor a regular opportunity to speak into the lives of the KOZ kids. Once it has been given to the adult, that is when the fruit begins to come. That is when mentoring works.

The average kid today spends 40 minutes a week outside and 70 hours a week looking at an electronic screen. Urban lifestyles, electronics and a lack of mentors in outdoor skills and adventure has created an unhealthy gap between the kids today and the outdoors.

Let us be a monthly refuge for any young man ages 9-18. We meet every 4th Saturday at the youth center KOZ area from 9am-1pm. If your child needs a ride just call us and we will do our best to arrange bus pick-up

Check out our facebook page for monthly meeting activities.

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